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Women Sponsorship

Help Rescue a Ugandan or Filipino Woman from the Grips of Poverty

To a woman entrenched in poverty there seems to be no way out. Often women whom we meet are fearful and defeated. They've been told by society they have no worth and they believe it. For more than we imagine the only escape is suicide. With no thoughts of relief and feelings that God has forgotten them they give up.

We bring women into our women in business sponsorship programs and watch them go from a life of despair to the joy and dignity of owning their own businesses.

We've heard testimonies of many women with similar stories: "I thought God had forgotten me. There was no way out of despair. Thoughts of suicide filled my mind. Now I am a business woman! I know that God sees me and I am valuable!"

In societies where women have little or no value this is HUGE! When you sponsor a woman you are giving her life! You change her destiny as well as the destinies of her children and grandchildren!

For a tax-deductilbe donation of $36 a month you can send a Ugandan or Filipino woman through our one-year business training course and put her on the path to owning her own business.

Once enrolled in the program she attends English, budgeting and reading classes. She is taught Biblical principals in running a business. She presents her business plan and is counseled and mentored to insure she accomplishes her goals.

Each year we hold a graduation celebration and spend a day celebrating the accomplishments of women who have completed the one year program. Politicians and people of high esteem come to honor women who have never known recognition. As the  graduates sit proudly with pink graduation caps perched upon their heads and pink certificates of completion clutched in their hands they are surrounded with joy and a new sense of value. You will hear women say: "I want to be buried with this certificate so everyone will know that I accomplished something in my lifetime!"

No longer do they hang their heads in defeat and despair.  With new confidence and a sense of accomplishment our sponsored women are ready to step out into the business world.

Thank you for being a destiny changer in the lives of these women!

Sponsor a Women

Businesses women started include but are not limited to:

  • Dress design and tailoring
  • Roadside restaurants
  • Growing and selling vegetables
  • Selling sweet cakes
  • Buying and selling good used clothing
  • Hand crafted items
  • Raising and selling turkeys
  • Buying and selling charcoal for cooking
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