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Victory Gardens

Hope 4 Women International’s goals are to bring dignity, joy, health, and God’s love to the women of Uganda. In a society where women are so devalued we want them to know that God cherishes them. One method of providing dignity is by teaching them to be self-sufficient and by growing proper food so they and their children can eat and be healthy. Victory gardens became popular during WWII when the president’s wife encouraged people to grow crops in order to feed their families. They once more became popular in the US as our economy is in a state of suffering. Hope 4 Women volunteer; Robert Cinader was compelled to help the suffering women and children of Uganda by providing funds and seeds to one of our Ugandan partners, Smile Africa Ministries. Pastor Ruth called together 300 women and discussed how to plant and care for the gardens.

Women in Business Form Victory Garden Co-op

Women in our Women in Business Sponsorship program can now join a Victory Garden Co-op. They pay a small fee to join and in return are given the tools, seedlings and training in growing successful crops. This gives the women two businesses--their first being the gardens and the second is in the businesses they choose to pursue through our sponsorship program. When they graduate from the year-long program they can remain in the co-op and if they are too busy with their new businesses to tend their crops they can hire another woman to do so. This increases the women's status as business women and gives women waiting to be sponsored a small income and experience in growing crops.

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