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On our way!!

Submitted by Rachel on February 10, 2013 - 9:32am

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This morning the alarm went off at 3AM!! I sat in bed waiting for my husband Robert to bring me a cup of coffee. I was feeling a little sad because I hate to leave my family. AND my sister Joan and her husband are here and I know I'm going to miss out on LOTS of family activities! 

I checked out face book and my friend Angie had posted this picture on my page.

Angie spotted this girl about three hours away from where we held a Dress a Girl outreach last November!!

I looked at my Roberto and exclaimed, "THIS is why I'm going to Cambodia!!"

So we left for the airport in great spirits knowing that God was in this trip. Robert dropped me at the door of US Airways and I assured him I would be fine! I stood in line for 45 minutes only to discover that I was in the line for First Class!! So I lugged my suitcases to another area for economy passengers. I had so much luggage I had to make two trips! 

There I met up with Breanna and her parents and boyfriend. We stood in line only to discover we were at the wrong terminal!! Our so-called US Airway flight was operated by United! So more luggage moving--this time I had help :) We caught the bus to the other terminal and made it to our flight without a whole lot of "goodbye" time.

Well, we made it to LAX with no more glitches and decided we had better enjoy the 45 degree weather as it's in the 90's with high humidity in Cambodia. We are now seated comfortably in the Sky Club awaiting our flight to Korea--then on to Cambodia!

Breanna won't be blogging as she is asleep right now :) But I'm sure you will hear from her later.


I guess I'll have a cappuccino and enjoy this time :)

See you when we get to Cambodia! Thanks for your prayers!