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Life on the Ship

Submitted by Rachel on February 16, 2013 - 9:00am

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Living on the ship these last few days has been so much fun! Breanna and I share a room. Patti and Holly H are next door and we share one bathroom! It's going surprisingly well! We all manage to get showers and our teeth brushed and not have to stand outside the door pounding and waiting for the person using the bathroom :)

We go to the dining room for our meals which are not elaborate but they are sufficient. It's such fun to socialze as we've made friends quickly. It's not unusual to walk into the dining room and find people at different tables praying for one another. 

Everyone has been super friendly and welcoming! They all know about Dress a Girl and want to know more. We were invited to sit at the captain's table for dinner one night and his wife hosted a coffee for us and invited some of the ship's women to meet with us. It was such fun to hear their stories. I believe there are people representing 45-50 countries living on this ship so you can imagine the cultural differences that are celebrated moment by moment!

On prayer night we all gathered in a big room and several of us presented our ministries. After each presentation the whole room would pray for that ministry--so it was pretty cool after I got to share about Dress a Girl to hear prayers going up all over the room!

Each day we go into the community with dresses and distribute to girls. Today many volunteers from the ship joined us as we met with a couple of thousand kids and dressed girls. It worked so well having a LOT of volunteers --there was great crowd control and the kids were very well behaved. 

Our Dress a girl team is really a dream team. Everyone works so hard and is careful to take time with each girl--saying a blessing over her or praying for her and telling her how beautiful she is.

Tonight the ship hosted a thank you dinner for those of us who were on short term teams and for the locals who hav been helping make this mission possible. It was a beautiful dinner with lots of entertainment--by peole living on the ship.

I'm falling asleep right now and there is so much to tell you so I'll give specifics at a later time. I hope you are looking at the hundreds of pictures on the media page.