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First Day in Cambodi

Submitted by Rachel on February 13, 2013 - 1:56pm

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We spent the day and night at an orphanage for abandoned children--kids who were living on the streets and kids whose parents didn't want them. The children attend school on site--It's a Christian school/orphanage run by caring adults who show the love of Christ and parental love to these precious children. We played with them and put on a kids' event for them--singing songs, playing games, giving out bracelets and dresses. 

Some of the dresses were made in memory of the victims of Sandy Hook. Each dress had a dress tag with the name and age of the person who died that horrible day. 

Visit the Media page for more photos

There is also a women's center on the compound where women come and learn to sew. They make beautiful bags, clothing, hot pad mitts, and many other crafts which we were eager to purchase from them. They sewed on treadle sewing machines and I was blessed to join them.

Thank you for your prayers. It's 4AM here and I'd better get some sleep as the 5:30 AM alarm will be going off soon :)