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About Our Staff

OpenChurch's full time and part time staff and ministers are dedicated to serving the needs of the Church and would be happy to talk to you and help you in any way we can! Feel free to call the church and speak with our receptionist, or you may contact a staff member directly below.

Church Office Hours: 8am - 5pm Mon-Fri
Phone: 615.375.0601
Fax: 615.373.5343


David Richards | Webmaster | | 480-699-5418
David is a valued volunteer at Hope 4 Women International! He deveoped and maintains our website as well as fixes our mistakes when we try to get creative and don't know what we are doing :)

Hope 4 Women Staff

Jordan Witham | Women Sponsorship Support Staff | | 480-392-1317
Jordan assists Lisa in creating profiles for our women in sponsorship. She also assists in the office in whatever capacity she is needed :)

Administrative Staff

Lisa Foerster | Vice President/Director of Women Sponsorship | | 480-392-1317
Lisa comes to us with a great background in business, management and leadership skills. 
Rachel Cinader | Founder, President | |
Rachel is the founder of Hope 4 Women International and it's Dress a Girl Around the World program. She and her husband Robert have been to Uganda twenty-five times in less than ten years.
Robert Cinader | Volunteer | |
Robert has been instrumental in starting up victory gardens throughout Uganda. He volunteers as a consultant for gardening God's way :)